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Timeless beauty

Two of our new season collections from India have arrived! These are the collections I am always most excited to share with you as they are, I believe, what makes what we do at Juniper Hearth a little bit special. 
I want to offer you beautiful clothes, beautifully made, but also with the opportunity to own exquisite and authentic pieces that you won’t find everywhere else. So these collections are carefully chosen and dear to my heart!

Dve Collection SS19

I’m thrilled to introduce the much-anticipated new season from Dve Collection. 
With impeccable attention to detail and using only natural fibres (linen, handspun and handloomed silks and jamdani cottons) and natural dyes, Dve clothes are a sheer joy to wear.

Ethically made in subtle shades and with exquisite hand finished details, each piece is designed to breathe and move with you. Dve’s “handmade clothes bring nature and age-old Indian artistic tradition together to celebrate women and their original, uninhibited styles”.
Stock is limited and already selling fast. Don’t put these on your wish list!

Note: the beautiful Rima dress in sky blue linen (above) won't arrive until early November. Please contact the shop if you'd like to know when it arrives.

Runaway Bicycle

I’ve also been lucky to source a small selection of pieces from the exquisite Mumbai-based brand Runaway Bicycle.

With their catch phrase “This brand doesn’t define you. But damn you look good in it” and their divine fabrics and finishes, I'm completely hooked! These are pieces to treasure in your wardrobe for a lifetime.

I’m now eagerly awaiting the summer collections from Neeru Kumar and sister brand Raga from Delhi – stay tuned, Part 2 to follow.