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Eribé knitwear - made in Scotland

With its roots in Scottish knitting heritage, and its reinvention of traditional Fairisle patterns in a modern, colourful palette, Eribé Knitwear is right up my alley!

I'm a knitter from way back, and come from a long line of knitters on both sides. There's something magic about taking a length of fibre with two sticks and turning it into a wearable object. My Nanna (of Scottish descent) was a wonderful knitter and made socks and sweaters so beautiful my Dad found it hard to wear them lest he wear them out!

Eribé Knitwear was founded in Melrose, Scotland in 1986 by designer Rosemary Eribé. From its inception, sustainability has been at the core of the business. Lambswool is a naturally renewable and sustainable fibre source, but Eribé also works with wool producers who actively safeguard the environment.

Wool is an environmentally friendly fibre to wear - long lasting, yet fully biodegradable and recyclable, and known for its natural stain resistance and antimicrobial properties, pure wool thus requires far less laundering than synthetic imitations.

But most of all, it's the colours! The sophisticated and charming palettes of the iconic Alpine collection are a joy to behold. Each piece is designed to last and last, and will never go out of style. This is slow fashion at its best. Please enjoy!