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Vintage kantha quilt, block printed in indigo.
Vintage indigo kantha quilt - tear drop
Vintage indigo kantha quilt - tear drop
Vintage indigo kantha quilt - tear drop

Vintage indigo kantha quilt - tear drop

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One of a kind, vintage kantha quilt.
  • - Block printed with natural indigo.
  • - Made from old saris, lovingly layered and stitched by hand.
  • - 100% cotton.
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Add colour, texture, and personality to your home with a beautiful vintage kantha quilt. Used as a throw, draped on a chair or on the end of your bed, these unique pieces represent a connection to a centuries old textile tradition, and to the creativity and skill of Bengali women.

Made from old saris, layered and finely stitched by hand using the traditional Bengali running (kantha) stitch, each piece is unique. You can read more about the history of kantha quilts on the blog.

The ultimate in upcycling, these quilts are versatile, durable and require a minimum of care.  This quilt has been block printed with natural indigo in Jaipur, Rajasthan using the mud resist technique (read more about mud resist printing here), featuring a tear drop design with a decorative border.

  • 100% cotton
  • Multiple fabric layers, finely hand quilted
  • Designed and made in India
  • 160cm x 225cm
  • Machine wash cold


NOTE : These quilts are printed and stitched by hand. Any variation or inconsistency is not to be construed as a fault, but part of the intrinsic beauty of the handmade process.