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Inoui Editions embroidered cotton pouch, Soleil in red.
Inoui Editions embroidered cotton pouch, Soleil in red.

Inouï Editions embroidered pouch - Soleil rouge

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Quintessential French style.
  • - Useful and beautiful zippered pouch.
  • - 100% cotton.
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Lise and Mathilde, the women behind the Inouïtoosh brand, are constantly inspired by the colours and shapes of nature.

Each Inouïtoosh scarf design is hand drawn in their atelier in Baie de Somme, France. The scarves are then made in India using traditional hand looming and printing techniques and the finest of natural fibres. The result is a whimsical and colourful collection that oozes Parisian bohemian charm.

Inouïtoosh designs continuously surprise with delightful prints and details that fuse tongue-in-cheek humour and nostalgic sentiments.

Every scarf tells a modern tale with refinement and imagination, an intersection between art and poetry. And each makes an indispsensable and beautiful accessory!

Inouïtoosh embroidered pouches co-ordinate beautifully with the scarves - a lovely way to add colour to the everyday with a useful accessory! The curtains part to reveal the sun.

  • Designed in France
  • Artisan made
  • 100% cotton
  • 22x15cm